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Metal Signage using a Natural Patina

Creating metal signage with a natural patina and natural aged look takes some practice, some understanding of the process, a lot of patience, and many hours of expertise which is something we are proud to say that we have.

Rather than just buying the spray on look, through a chemical process, we are able to age the metal and give it the natural, full textured look and feel that comes with a "weathered" sign. For internal or external use, this brings a new angle and feeling to signage, that was and now is once again.

Once the metal has been laser cut, we begin the 5 step process of treating the metal with various chemicals. As this is a natural process, sped up by science, we are unable to know exactly how long it will take. Especially as some of the steps need to be repeated until the perfect finish has been created.

When it is ready, we remove a lot of the scale and spray the lettering with a clear lacquer finish to ensure the look and feel remain. This however does not stop the ever changing look and feel of the finish, only provides as seal for initial transportation and installation of the sign.

There are very few limitations with regards to elements in artwork that cannot be treated this way, and it is an ever evolving process for us whereby we are able to offer additional services, coupled with this treatment process. Watch this space and see what comes next.

Laser cut metal text and logo on timber backing
External, wall mounted signage on studs
During the patina process
Ageing the metal
Featured image
Metal Signage with Natural Patina