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  • Colours in CMYK? RGB? Pantone?

    All large format digital printing is completed in Cyan Magenta Yellow Black.  We use Pantone as a true reference. There is often not an exact conversion between RGB, CMYK and Pantone, therefore we have different printing profiles set to accommodate the different colour formats. It should be noted that weather, temperature, humidity, ink batches as well as different media types, all influence the final printed colour.



  • Translucent, Transparent, or Opaque?

    These three terms come up fairly often.  Explained as follows:

    Translucent: This means that light will show through, however it is dense enough that you cannot see through it.  e.g. Sandblast film on a window.

    Transparent: A window is transparent! It allow objects, people, etc to be seen through it with definition. The colour of transparency can be altered with a film such as window tint.

    Opaque: This is not a see through material and will essentially block light and is therefore the opposite to transparent.


  • How do we know what we should be asking for?

    In any purchase, you need to trust the supplier. We are here to advise you and assist you with the decision making in terms of the manufacturing process' and what will best suit you and your brand in the environment you propose to use it in. The industry is ever evolving and there are always new products on the market that can assist in keeping costs down, longevity up, and still fitting in with the current trends and looking classy. Remember, your signage is the face of your business. It is a very important identifier for you and your services and will always help build your brand if done correctly.

  • Artwork Requirements

    When requesting a quotation, especially if there are individually cut elements within your project, we will require Vector Based artwork. This refers to the open file / line drawing. It is also necessary to ensure that all of your fonts are converted to paths/curves/have the stroke outlined so that we can ensure that it will open and can be manipulate on our side. We are able to work with eps, pdf, cdr, ai, dxf file types. If in doubt, ask and we will guide you!

  • How do we choose the right materials?

    This is where the professional comes in - aka KDP Signmakers!  Everyday we get enquiries and every day we assist in making the correct decisions in terms of material choice.  This is the base of your sign, and just like you would not use jelly as the foundation in your building, making the wrong choice in materials for your signage could hurt your pocket or end in disaster in other ways. Again, trust the professionals and ask for assistance. We are always willing to help!

  • Does illumination cost extra?

    The simple answer is yes! We are able to offer various different forms of illumination, in all different colours. As with 99% of our signage being custom made and client specific, so are our illumination options. We are able to edge light, back light, side light, and even offer a range of colours or colour changing options as well. If the budget does not immediately stretch far enough to install illumination in the initial manufacturing process, we can always future proof the signage to be able to receive illumination at a later stage.

  • How long will the sign last?

    This is a fairly loaded question and there are many factors that influence this answer. It is best to ask with regards to longevity, on your specific signage.

    There are many products available, each with their own lifespan, however as a rule of thumb, cost influences life span.

    Find a professional supplier in the industry that you feel you can trust, and follow their guidance.


  • Landscape or Portrait?

    If the longest side is the HORIZONTAL side, it's LANDSCAPE. If the longest side is VERTICAL, it's PORTRAIT. This is called orientation, and it typically depends on the logo - but not always! We can get creative with the shape and orientation.